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What if?

What if we lose our business and our home? What if someone gets hurt or sick and we can’t afford the medical bills? What if we can’t buy groceries or repair our truck?

What if something happens to one of my children or my spouse? What if something happens to my parents or to me?

What if? 

If you’re like me, you’ve spent a lot of time thinking, planning, analyzing, and being concerned for a situation that could happen.

If you’re like me, you’ve spent too much time worrying about things that never have, and may never, come to pass.

Yep, I tend to be a worrier.

I’m getting better, but it takes a great effort on my part. I’m learning to cast my anxieties on God because He cares for me. (1 Peter 5:7) I’m learning that I need to seek Him, His kingdom, and His righteousness, and He will take care of my needs. (Matthew 6:33) I am drawing near to Him so that He can fill me with a peace found only in Him. (John 14:27)

Spending time in the Word and in prayer help increase my faith and decrease my anxiety tremendously.

Today, I’d like to share one more thing that has helped me conquer my fears of the unknown and walk by faith. WHAT iF… How To Kill Worry and Anxiety Before They Kill You by Caleb Suko.

Disclaimer: My family has a personal connection with Caleb and his family. We met them years ago when they attended our church as missionaries in Odessa, Ukraine. If anyone has the authority to teach about worry, I would say that a Christian missionary currently living in the Ukraine has a very good perspective on being concerned for the care and safety of his family.

That being said, I purchased this book and am giving an honest review because I believe in Caleb’s message. I am continually seeking to grow in my walk and be encouraged in my faith, and Caleb’s book helped me do both. One of the reasons I have this blog is to do the same for you.

Caleb begins his book discussing not only how worry begins, but how acceptable it has become. He teaches about concern verses worry and facts verses myths to help us understand where to draw the lines in how we perceive our circumstances.

He provides not only reasons why we need not worry about certain aspects of our lives, but he gives the tools needed to help us overcome our fears when they do arise.

His book ends with helpful Scriptures that can be memorized, recalled, and prayed to God in order to grow and develop our faith in this area.

It is simple and easy to understand while thought-provoking and challenging.

WHAT iF… is available from Amazon. For the paperback version, click here. For the Kindle version, click here.

*Disclosure: This post includes affiliate links. You are not obligated to make any purchases, but when you do through one of my links or the Amazon search box to the right, I will make a small percentage on the sale. Thank you for supporting my site.

To find out more about the Suko family and how you can support their mission, please visit sukofamily.org

Please remember Caleb, his family, and their ministry as they work to shine their lights in a very dark Ukraine.

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What do you think? Do you struggle with worry? How have you learned to let go of worry and walk in faith?



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27 Responses to WHAT iF…

    • Heather

      It’s interesting how we all handle things differently, isn’t it? If you get a chance to get a copy of this book, I think it would be beneficial to both of you. Thanks so much for stopping by.

    • Caleb

      Everyone has there own way of dealing with things and everyone has at least a few things they like to worry about. For instance, I tend not to worry about physically safety issues nearly as much as my wife, but I worry about problems at work and in ministry way more than she does.

  1. Anne

    Thanks for this very helpful post! I am a worrier too, in fact, my post is linked up two after yours and is so similar! I tend to let worries and remembering bad things steal my joy. Thanks so much for sharing about Caleb’s book, too. I am going to look into this! Blessings!

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