the good news about marriage (and a giveaway!)

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good-news-bookI recently had the privilege of reading Shaunti Feldhahn’s new book the good news about marriageAs the subtitle reveals, this book debunks “discouraging myths about marriage and divorce”.

Through groundbreaking research, this best-selling author shares surprising news about marriage. She shares that the actual divorces rates are often projected, inflated, and misrepresented. Shaunti offers many surprising studies that challenge the statistics we have all come to accept as fact.

Most marriages, she writes, not only last a lifetime, but they are happy. Shaunti also presents evidence that remarriages are much more successful than we’ve been told.

I was pleased to read that not only are divorces rates in the church actually lower than those outside, but studies show that active faith is a factor in lowering the rate of divorce.

The author proposes that the power of hope makes a significant difference in a marriage’s success.

I will be writing about this subject in another post.

You may be thinking these facts are, indeed, very good news, but wondering what the point of the book is. I’m glad you asked! 

The author presents several reasons it is important that, as a society, we learn the true numbers of these statistics. Some of them include ideas relating to self-fulfilling prophecies in failed marriages and a general lack of confidence in the institution of marriage, among others.

Packed with studies, statistics, personal stories, and advice, this book would benefit a vast range of readers, especially those who work in ministry or counseling. This book offers hope and encouragement for those who are single, divorced, in a relationship, in a struggling marriage, or in a happy marriage.

To find our more, order a copy for yourself, or as a gift, from Amazon by clicking here.

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You can see a short video (2:32) from the author here.

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What do you think? Do you see marriage as a positive institution or are you disheartened by the divorce rate we have come to accept as truth? Let us know in the comments.

9 Responses to the good news about marriage (and a giveaway!)

    • Heather

      I agree with you. I think that a commitment at the altar should be a commitment for life. I believe that is God’s best for us. Congratulations on your upcoming anniversary! We will celebrate our 22nd in December.

  1. Rick

    God certainly called marriage to be an honored institution. We seem to be able to mess up allot of what God created to be good and use it for our own self serving needs. Then once our society gives in and softens its views on that which should be protected, the slide continues. Very nice to hear books like this that point out that there is a stand being faithfully taken and for that we can celebrate! Yeah God!

  2. Arlene Baker

    Sounds like a great book! There are so many attacks on traditional marriage and I am glad to see someone refuting the falsehoods out there.

  3. Renewed_Daily

    Marriage seems to be under attack so much lately! I have a friend I would love to gift this to if I win. Thank you for the review and the chance, Heather! Heart Hugs, Shelly <3

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