This is one of those songs that we might be afraid to sing. It’s one of those songs that we sing, but we may not really mean. It’s one of those songs that we belt out with our whole heart when we are in that incredible feeling that comes when we worship. But when we stop to consider the words, do we really, really mean them?

Let us honestly examine our hearts as we consider some of the lyrics to Open Me by Shawn McDonald. If you’ve heard the song, you know it’s beautiful. As we reflect on the words, let us ask ourselves if we could sing this song to God and mean each and every word. If there is an area we find we aren’t quite willing to surrender to Him, let us commit to allowing Him to change that in us.

Would You open up my eyes so I can see?
Would You open up my ears so I can hear?
Would You open up my mind so I can know?
Would You open up my heart so I can love You more?

I wanna serve You, my God
I wanna give You everything
I wanna serve You, my King
I wanna serve You, my Lord

Here I am with my arms open wide
Asking for you to come up, up inside

Won’t You make me new?
Won’t you make me true?
Jesus, won’t you make me like You?

Won’t You open me?

Dear Heavenly Father, we come to You today asking that You would help us to truly examine our hearts. Can we sing a song like this to You and mean every word? Lord, help us to want to serve You by giving You everything – not the things we have left over, or the things that aren’t as important to us, but everything. Help us to come to you with arms open wide so that You can make us new and true and like You. Help us hunger and thirst for You in a way that we can’t help but hold our arms out wide open to You and to You alone. In the precious name of Jesus we pray, Amen.

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