If You Go To Do The Laundry

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I went to fold clean clothes on my bed when I realized I hadn’t made my bed.

I put the clothes back in the dryer and went to make the bed.

On the way to make the bed, I saw tortillas on the counter. This made me remember there’s a family at church I need to cook for, so I started making enchiladas.

While I was making enchiladas, I got an email. I went to check it out and realized I needed to add something to the bulletin for church the next day, so I sat and worked on the bulletin.

While I was at my computer, I saw my checkbook and decided to work on balancing my accounts.

While I was balancing the accounts, my kids told me they were hungry. This reminded me of the enchiladas I was making.

Going to the refrigerator to get something for the enchiladas, I noticed a vent that had dust on it, so I went to get the vacuum.

After vacuuming, I had to wash my hands before getting back to making enchiladas. Washing my hands made me see the dishes in the sink. I started washing the dishes when my husband called me to the front door and asked me to get his knife from the bedroom.

In the bedroom, I saw some toothpaste on the nightstand that needed to be put in the bathroom. This made me think of the community project toiletries donation so I started searching for more.

Meanwhile hubby calls from the front door. Oh, yes, his knife! Taking his knife to him, I see the pile of papers on the entry bench.

I start putting the papers away when I find a box of cards and realize I need to write to my grandma. Bringing a card to the table, I find a pile of things that need to go to the classroom.

On the way to the classroom, I see a towel on the bathroom floor. This reminds me of the laundry. On the way to the laundry, I see the enchiladas.

The enchiladas remind me that the kids are still hungry so I finish the enchiladas and start to make dinner. I need a can from the outside cupboard and this reminds me to feed the dog.

While feeding the dog, my son asks me to come play with him. I go help him with his new bike when we realize we’re hungry. I head back to the house to make dinner.

On the way in the house, I see a box of books that need to be put away. Putting books away in the classroom, I see a kid’s cookbook. This reminds me of making dinner.

Making dinner, I am looking for a clean dish towel and this reminds me that I need to do the laundry!!!


*I wrote this one day several years ago, but though the details have changed a bit as my children have grown, I think this story will always apply to mothers. (And, yes, it is a true story! It happened just as it was written.)

Those of you who are familiar with the children’s books If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, If You Give a Moose a Muffin, If You Give a Pig a Pancakeand other stories by Laura Joffe Numeroff and Felicia Bond will recognize the style of this story.  If you’re a parent, you will have, no doubt, experienced the same thing in your own life!

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2 Responses to If You Go To Do The Laundry

  1. Rick Greer

    Wow! If I didn’t know you and had not seen you in action for myself; I would think you had way too much in your plate. But I can picture you tasking in perfect harmony, all the while connecting the dots of your life. The one piece you left out was your bible that is always open somewhere nearby that you pause at to take in a verse now and again just to prove you can always get a bigger plate right?

    • Heather

      True, Daddy. I did forget that part. Oh, how I love God’s word! It is my prayer that this site will encourage others to love it as well. Thanks for your encouragement.

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