I Have No Business Baking Anything

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Neither do you.

As temperatures rise across the country, most of us are thinking about cold sandwiches, salads, and smoothies. The internet is full of homemade ice cream, fruit salsa, and other no-bake recipes. Turning on the oven is a huge no-no for many.

Even though we haven’t warmed up much yet, the time is coming. However, I bake all year long without ever worrying about heating up the kitchen. It’s true; I bake bread all summer long. You can, too!

My secret is this little baby.

This countertop convection oven has been my friend for more than 4 years. I have used it almost daily – and sometimes several times a day. Should he ever fail me, I will order a replacement immediately. In fact, I have often considered the idea of ordering a second one to have on hand – just in case. That way, I could keep baking without having to wait for the new one to arrive. Not that I plan on this one dying, but one can never be too prepared. Am I right?

Anyhoo, back to the oven. I highly recommend this oven for the following reasons:

  1. As previously stated, I can bake all year long without fear of heating up the house.
  2. It is compact enough to sit on my countertop which makes it ideal for small spaces.
  3. It is also small enough that it is portable.
  4. The manufacturer states that it uses 49% less energy. I noticed my electric bill go down by $20 the first month. (I told you I use it a lot!)
  5. It doesn’t require long preheating times (only 5 minutes), and it cooks food faster than a standard oven.
  6. It has a timer function (up to 2 hours) that automatically shuts off and sounds.
  7. I can cook an entire chicken with the rotisserie or in my dutch oven.
  8. With 2 oven racks, I can bake (2) 12 inch pizzas, (2) sheets of cookies, (2) casseroles, etc. The small space still allows me to bake a lot of food at one time.
  9. I have the option of using bake, convection, broil, or rotisserie settings.

Now that I have shared with you what I like about this oven, I will tell you the one disadvantage I have found. While I can still bake a whole chicken, I cannot bake an entire turkey. That was, until I got this wonderful turkey roaster. Unlike a crock pot, this roaster actually browns the turkey just like it would in the oven! While I don’t have to worry about heating the house on Thanksgiving, this cooks the turkey quicker and leaves the oven available for other dishes. I also use this to roast 2 whole chickens simultaneously. So, actually, I have turned this to my advantage. I’m tricky resourceful that way!

One thing to consider should you purchase a countertop convection oven is that you may require new bake ware due to its smaller size. Here are my favorites:

I purchased (2) stainless steel cake pans. I use them for casseroles and, you guessed it, cake. Click here to purchase.

We eat a lot of pizza, cookies, scones, baked french fries, and other foods that require pizza pans. Click here to see the (2) I own. Here is a less expensive option.

Most 12-cup muffin pans are too large for this oven, so I use my silicon baking cups on a pizza pan. For another silicone option, click here. To purchase the 6 muffin pan I own, click here.

Mini baked donuts are a must in this house. For those, we use this trusty mini donut pan. (I might need to share a donut recipe soon!)

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Do you have a countertop convection oven?  How do you handle meals at home when it’s hot? Leave a comment. 

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10 Responses to I Have No Business Baking Anything

  1. Rick

    I do not have a countertop convection oven, but my wife does, and she loves it. While I may not hear alot of her kitchen murmurings, I have heard her say many of those same things you pointed out today Heather. She wore out a regular toaster oven and replaced it with a connvection one. This much I do know; men, support your wife’s kitchen tools cause they actually get more use than the ones we have to have hanging up in our garages. They also produce home improvement projects that you can eat when hungry!

    • Heather

      My husband would agree with you completely. He always makes sure I have what I need in the kitchen to insure that something yummy is always coming out of it!

  2. bonniesteinborn

    Well I don’t have a convection oven NOW. I used to, but it was the regular size, stove type. I had that size of oven = NON convection – in China! The size is workable.

    I however, use much larger pans here (doubling or tripling most cookie or brownie recipes and always try to throw in a few potatoes to bake or something along that line – in the process .

    I had to buy a second little freezer for my baked goods — but it is always wonderful to be able to pull out something and give my baking to friends at any given moment.

    Happy baking and glad you enjoy silicone as I do:) GREAT material:)
    blessings bonnie

    • Heather

      You are a wise woman, Bonnie. When I used my large oven, I used to try to bake several things at the same time in order to save energy. I, too, enjoy having food in the freezer. It sure makes life easier at times. Silicon is a great material because it never sticks. I like that I don’t have to spray, butter, or oil my pans, or use paper muffin cups. Happy baking to you!

  3. Arlene Baker

    I have a smaller model and I can’t fit any of my pans or cook a chicken–I have seen you use this model and am amazed at how much you can do with it. This is on my wish list for August. I can hardly wait to use it. I have the Turkey Roaster and it is amazing. I have used it for rendering lard as well as cooking. These are two items that I don’t want to live without.

    • Heather

      Yes, Arlene, I have tried to use your smaller model and it doesn’t do much. 🙂 You won’t regret getting this guy. It will change your life (or your cooking, anyway!) Thank you for blessing me with the turkey roaster and for your input.

  4. Tobi

    I still want one of those ovens, and the turkey roasters are awesome. We use them at Thanksgiving because we have such a big family that my Uncle makes a second turkey in his and just brings it to my aunt’s house.

    • Heather

      You will enjoy having the oven, Tobi! The best thing about the turkey roasters is that they brown it just like the oven, as opposed to the crock pot. They also cook the turkey much faster than a regular oven.

  5. Caleb

    In Ukraine we have a different solution for keeping the kitchen cool in the summer. Most houses in the village have a summer kitchen that’s outdoors!

    • Heather

      That’s brilliant, Caleb. I don’t know why we don’t do that more here. Maybe the 6 months of snow have something to do with it? Thanks for reading. I hope you and yours are well.

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