How Our Lives Are Like Good Friday

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Why do we call the day our Savior died good?

His resurrection gives us life, but how can His death be called good?

I think it is because even while living through the tragedies of life, we know that God is working in them for our good.

What happened to Jesus on the cross wasn’t an evil outside of the will or the control of God.

It was a choice.

It was a gift.

It wasn’t good.

And yet, it was very good.

Sin and death were conquered on that cross.

We live simply because He died a death that was anything but simple.

It wasn’t good, but it is because He made it good.

Our lives are no different.

I don’t have to remind you of the pain and the tragedy we all face at one time or another.

I don’t need to tell you about hardships and struggles and failures and disappointments because you know them very well.

And yet…

God is working all things together for our good. (Romans 8:28)

You don’t have to call it Good Friday if you don’t want to.

You don’t have to call the suffering in your own life good if you don’t choose to see it that way.

But know this…

God is good.

He is always good.

And even in the bad, He is working.

He is the Conqueror and He has made us more than conquerors in Him. (Romans 8:37)

The enemy has his territory and he is really good at making things hard on us because he wants us to forget the truth.

The truth is the good news that sets us free from sin and death because we are deeply loved.

The truth is that life is hard, but it is good.

Bad things happen and life hurts, but God is bigger and the victory is His.

It can be ours, too.

We just have to believe, accept, and live.

Thank you, Jesus, for Your beautiful sacrifice on our behalf. We thank You and praise You for You have made all things good. In Your matchless name we pray. Amen.

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33 Responses to How Our Lives Are Like Good Friday

  1. Arlene Baker

    HE changes us from GLORY to GLORY! Thank you, JESUS for your incredible LOVE and GIFT of freedom from the evils of this world. I no longer have to walk through this life alone. I am VICTORIOUS in you! Thanks for this wonderful post!

  2. Laurie Collett

    Even as a little girl I wondered why the called it “Good” Friday. Praise God that His ways are not our ways and His thoughts higher than our thoughts. God in His wisdom knew that Jesus’ painful death on the cross was the only way to the good outcome of sinful man being reconciled to Holy God. Thanks for the great post & for your sweet comment on Saved by Grace!
    God bless,

  3. Lynnae M McCoy

    I love your thoughts on this! The older I get, the more I see God working good through the bad in my life. And I’m thankful.

    And I’ve always known that Good Friday was “good” because of what was accomplished on the cross, but I’ve never thought about that in relationship to “bad” in my own life being “good.” Thanks for tying that all together!

  4. Sarah Ann (@faithalongway)

    Beautiful! It’s a blessing to remember that it’s a gift, and once we accept this gift, it’s life changing on every level. May I not take that for granted this Easter season and may I share the Good News with others! Great post, Heather!

  5. Aimee Imbeau

    Great post. Digging deeper into His word shows us so many things. The death of Christ was God’s doing (Isaiah 53) – and anything He does is good. It is His definition of good, not ours. Our definition is anything that makes us FEEL good. If we don’t feel good, then we assume it isn’t good. At least this is what I am gathering from my study of Isaiah 53. That’s the connection I am making and your post is along those lines. The fact that God loves us so radically that He pierced and crushed His own Son for us…how we benefit from His sacrifice – all that just blows me away.

    • Heather

      Such wise words, Aimee! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts with us. His love truly is amazing, isn’t? Blessings to you and yours.

  6. Ariëlla

    Thanks for this great, biblical post! Wise lesson.

    My oldest daughter was born on Good Friday. With lots of pain because she was not in the right position to be born 😉 I thought in the hospital about Jesus’ pain and death. He had more pain than I suffered. And so it was a very good Friday.

    Tetelestai! It is finished. He paid for us.

  7. JES the Pilgrim

    Christ is my passover lamb and I thank God for Him every day! Only He can create something good from what Satan intended as evil (his death). Thank you for sharing this message on the Art of Home-Making Mondays!

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  9. rick greer

    Yes indeed Heather, while life here in the lower story may seem hard and unfair many times, in His upper story it is good for He is good! Happy good Friday to all

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