Happy New Year!

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2014 was a year of struggling and a year of blessings.

No matter how our circumstances may look to us, we have an incredibly amazing peace that when we are in God’s hands, His care for us is great and His love towards us is perfect!

I love the New Year as it is a time of contemplation for me. I love looking back over my finances, my blessings, and how I spent my time.

I love creating new goals for the year ahead. I reflect on the areas in which I know need improvement as well as praising God for the areas in which He has grown me.

I can focus on the hardships and trials of the year, but I choose rather to glorify God for the way He has moved in them. For no matter what I have endured in the past year, He has been with me every moment of every day. That thought brings me incredible comfort as I know I can endure anything with Him by my side and in my heart.

I hope that you are able to say the same for there is no greater joy in life than living in the peace that only He can provide.

As we celebrate this New Year, let us consider the disappointments only long enough to learn and grow from them. Let us embrace both God’s grace and His forgiveness so that we do not find ourselves dwelling in our guilt or spending too much time camped in the desert that is our shortcomings.

Let us celebrate our successes and never stop counting our blessings.

One of my greatest successes in 2014 was stepping out in faith and starting this blog. I would like to extend my deepest gratitude for all of the love and encouragement I have received from my readers. I continue to pray that each word that I share both glorifies God and blesses you.

I covet your prayers for God’s continued blessing in 2015, especially as I am about to complete my first full length book on marriage. The words that I write need to be from Him, otherwise they are without merit.

Please know that I will continue to keep all of you and yours in my prayers in the New Year.

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Wishing you and yours a Happy, Healthy, & Blessed New Year!

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16 Responses to Happy New Year!

  1. thebetterbaker11

    Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! Sweetest blessings on you in this new year. I have no doubt God will continue to use you to inspire and encourage
    the lives of many..including me. Love you in the Lord Dear Sister. (If you havent read about our hospital run with hubby earlier this week Id love for you to read it at my timeline. God is sooo good!)XO

    • Heather

      I was just praying for you and yours a few hours ago! I’ll head over to check out your story now. I am thankful that God allowed for our paths to cross this year. Loving you in the Lord, as well. Happy New Year! xo (And, yes, God is sooo good!)

  2. Rick

    Happiest of new years to you Heather my daughter and to your spiritual leader and life mate, and my beautiful grandsons! May this year be filled with that peace that passes all understanding as you continue to pursue His amazing will each and every day! Blessings!

    • Heather

      Thank you for your sweet words, Daddy! I wish you all of God’s best in 2015. May we honor Him continually as we go forward in His perfect grace. xo

    • Heather

      Thanks for the encouragement, my friend! I love you, too, and pray for all the best for you and yours in 2015. To God be the glory forever and ever!

    • Heather

      Thanks, Natalie! I love the idea of a fresh start. How wonderful that God’s mercies are new each morning. We get a fresh start every day. Wishing you and yours a blessed New Year!

  3. Jennifer | The Deliberate Mom

    I love this quote Heather: “let us consider the disappointments only long enough to learn and grow from them”– YES! It’s so important to pause, reflect, and hear what God wants for us next.

    Thank you for sharing your year’s favourite posts. God bless you and Happy New Year!

    • Heather

      Thank you so much for taking the time to read, Jennifer, and for always sharing your thoughts with us. You have been an inspiration to me in 2014 and I am so thankful to God that He has allowed our paths to cross. Praying that God continues to bless you and yours as you continue to grow in Him this new year.

  4. Nanette

    Bless you, our sweet niece! You have a gift that is unmatched and I am so grateful that you now share that gift with others. We are so grateful for you, your heart, your attitude and your blog as God is always glorified in all that you do and say. This is a wonderful end of the year blog, an encouragement to all and a wonderful reminder of how you have blessed us with My Overflowing Cup this year! May God continue to watch over you and bless you and your beautiful family. AN & UK xo

    • Heather

      I cannot tell you how much your words of encouragement mean to me, Auntie, especially as it was your words that gave me the motivation I needed to take this step of faith and publish this blog. Isn’t it amazing how God uses all of us in the circumstances we find ourselves in to benefit others and glorify Him? Thank you, both, for being an example of that to all who see and know you. You both inspire me greatly. I pray that I will always make you proud. I thank God every day that He has blessed me with you. Here’s to a healthy, blessed, and prosperous New Year for all of us – for our good and His glory. xo

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