11 Reasons to Drink More Water

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We all know that drinking water is very good for us.

For some reason, I often find myself more likely to do something when I am reminded of a few good reasons of why I should be doing it. If you’re the same, 

  • Water can help control calories by making you feel full
  • Drinking water often helps naturally control headaches
  • Water helps keep your skin looking clear and radiant
  • Water relieves fatigue & makes you feel energized
  • It helps maintain a balance of body fluids
  • Drinking water flushes out toxins
  • It contributes to healthy kidneys
  • Water consumption keeps the bowels regular
  • It helps energize muscles and prevents cramps & sprains
  • Water can help with joint pain
  • My favorite reason: It is the most frugal choice of all beverages!

Like anything else, if you are not already a water drinker, it will take time and effort to establish a habit. A good way to start the day is with a glass of hot or cold water (yes, before that morning cup o’ java!)

Get in the habit of taking water with you everywhere you go. Make it a goal to drink water with meals, between meals, and before bed at night.

I usually offer my family beverages with meals, but we drink water throughout the rest of the day. I keep a pitcher of water in the fridge at all times as we prefer it cold. My boys have fun cups w/ acrylic straws to encourage them to drink more (thank you Erin and Sara!)

One common complaint is that water is boring. Find ways to flavor your water so that it is more enjoyable for you.

I wash and then slice lemons. I lay them out, single layered, on a cookie sheet and freeze for an hour or more. When they are frozen, I toss them into a labeled freezer bag and store in the freezer. We add a frozen lemon slice to our water for improved taste and health.

This can be done with any other fruit, particularly limes, oranges, grapefruit, etc.

Fresh cucumber slices are delicious in water, as are mango slices, fresh mint, and fresh cilantro. You could try fresh ginger slices or pomegranate seeds.

You could also add a splash of fruit juice or sparkling water.

Have fun!

Stay hydrated!

Get creative!

Be healthy!

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Leave a comment with your favorite water drinking tip and let us know how you’ve created a healthy water habit.

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4 Responses to 11 Reasons to Drink More Water

  1. Steve Patterson

    I know I have always heard about drinking more water, Just always can’t seem to get myself to do it. I can if the water is ice cold, I mean ice cold. I have heard some other reasons too that help benefit other things too. Thanks for sharing. Never thought to add fresh fruit to my water, only heard of lemon and oranges, but also never thought about freezing them either. Thanks for the tips.

    • Heather

      I hope this encourages you to find ways that you enjoy drinking water more as it is important for our health. You may find that you feel as though you have a little more energy. Many times when I feel sluggish, I realize I need water. After hydrating, I usually feel much better. I hope that you find the trick that creates the habit for you!

  2. Nathana Clay @ theengagedhome.com

    This is a great reminder! I have been striving to have two glasses of water before any coffee in the morning (to wake up the organs and stuff). I do struggle to get enough throughout my day, especially at work. I live in Phoenix, the “Valley of the Sun” so I know it is important . . . I have heard that lemons and lime in your water during meal time is a good way to add a few calories to it, thus helping digestion. However, I had never thought about freezing the slices! I have some lemons I am going to go try that on right now! Thanks Heather!

    • Heather

      Isn’t it interesting how hard we have to work to create good habits sometimes? Thanks for reading, Nathana. I’m heading over to check out your site now.

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