22 Things I Love About You

December 19, 2014 by

22-thingsAs we celebrate our Anniversary today, I wanted to share 22 things I love about you.

In no particular order…

  1. You are a man of God.
  2. You nurse baby chicks back to life.
  3. You rub my feet.every.single.night.
  4. You work so incredibly hard to provide for our family.
  5. You are a wonderful father.
  6. You say silly things just to make me laugh.
  7. You are always so willing to help a friend or neighbor.
  8. You tell me daily that you love me.
  9. You encourage me in my dream to be a writer.
  10. You’re usually the first one to apologize.
  11. You make special one-on-one time for each of us.
  12. You’re my best friend and remind me daily that I am yours.
  13. You make this blog possible.
  14. You don’t like black licorice.
  15. The way you talk to our puppy.
  16. You tell me daily how much you appreciate me.
  17. You want me to have what I need in my kitchen.
  18. You value my opinion.
  19. You surprised me with the big bag of Peppermint Kisses.
  20. When I beg you to come back to bed with me in the morning, sometimes you do.
  21. You encourage me to get out of the house and spend time with the girls.
  22. You’re beautiful to me… inside and out.

Given the opportunity to do life all over again, there are some things I would surely change, but you wouldn’t be one of them.

Happy Anniversary, my husband and my very best friend. I pray that the Lord blesses us with many, many more incredible years together. I love you more than words can even begin to express. Thank you for being you and for loving me the way you do. 

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29 Responses to 22 Things I Love About You

  1. Angie

    Happy Anniversary!! A wonderful list!
    PS – Please check your email – you are the third winner in the Great Blog Train blog hop Giveaway – please confirm ASAP or a different winner will be chosen

  2. thebetterbaker11

    Oh so sweet! I just saw this precious post…AFTER I sent Happy Anniv wishes…just so you know. ;-} I love him already too..through your love for him. So thankful God has blessed you both with the gift of each other. I think it’s pretty amazing you get your feet rubbed every single night – WOWZERS!!! Sweet Dreams and Sleeping in. =)

    • Heather

      I know, Marsha, I am truly blessed in him! All praise and glory to our God. Thanks so much for your email. I just got home and got the family dinner after a long day of work, so I will read it tomorrow when I can give it my all. Merry Christmas to you and yours, my sweet Sister-in-Christ. Chat with you soon. xo

  3. Sandi

    Heather, I’m a lurker coming out of hiding to simply wish you a happy belated anniversary! I loved reading about your blessed Godly marriage … we need more of these in our homes today. Now, I know envy is a sin, so please forgive me that I am SO ENVIOUS of your #3!! 🙂
    Again, happy belated anniversary and Merry Christmas!

    In Him~

    • Heather

      I’m so glad you came out of hiding, Sandi! You are so right that we need more of this in our homes today – that is exactly my reason for sharing it. You cracked me up with your envious statement. 🙂 Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  4. Ann

    Happy 22nd anniversary! I did this a few years ago, on our 26th anniversary…We will celebrate our 28th on Jan. 31st. I feel the same way…wouldn’t change us for anything! What a blessing to have a godly, loving husband!! May you enjoy many, many more years together!! Blessings, Ann

    • Heather

      Thanks so much for taking the time to read, Ann. Yes, we are truly blessed to have such godly marriages and loving husbands. I wish you and your husband a very Happy Anniversary next month. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

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